Fight the Dad-Bod

It is fall. The time of year when the Dad-Bod lurks. It starts with watching football all weekend long. Then Halloween comes and you eat all your kids candy. Then the feast season starts and you gorge yourself the whole Thanksgiving weekend. You then find yourself wearing loose fitting sweaters and baggy untucked in shirts why.

Then Christmas comes and see yourself in pictures and you wonder maybe you are starting to give Santa a run for his money in being a Jolly fat elf. Then it is New Years Eve and guess what fat boy your Tux does not fit anymore.

Above all avoid this, by starting a routine and sticking with it. Use this site to find workouts that will help you get shredded for Christmas. When your family ask you what you want for Christmas. Be able to tell them all you want is tight fitting sweaters or tight fitting log sleeve t-shirts. Give the familia a Gun Show for Christmas.