Working Out at the Bootleg Sound Side Gym

There is something about working outside in a place that can be paradise when it is not trying to kill you. Sure doing benching and military presses with the ocean breeze blowing in your face can make you want to workout endlessly but you have to save your strength just in case it is needed. Sometimes things go sideways pretty fast so you have to be ready to pack the canines and the spouse up and head north like a bat out of hell.

Jeem’s Bootleg Sound Side Gym is a gym between the seas. It is always blessed with a breeze from some direction but most likely it will bring in the mosquitos and others of their ilk. This is why the gym is equip with numerous bug traps. Bug repellent is mandatory along with sunscreen and a current tetanus shot. Depending on the time of day of your workout you may need to bring your cheap sunglasses.

This is a nice shirt but if it you wear it at Jeem’s you better have your sunscreen on along with the best DDT spray you can find. Yes, lifting in paradise is awesome if it does not go sideways.