Why doing back is important!

First here is another great back workout for you to try.


Doing back is essential for an overall physique and power. As a dude you are essentially just cheap labor to your family. You can’t always rely on your bros to help you lift things around the house and your family tends to avoid you even more when there is time for heavy lifting. This is why you have to be prepared for that “Lone Wolf” lifestyle. In order to be a Lone Wolf that can survive in the home jungle, you need to have a big strong back. Because no one is going to help you carry the mulch from driveway to backyard. No one is going to help you carry 60 boxes of porcelain tile that weighs 75 pounds a box from driveway to basement. No one is going to help you carry a 120 pound dog down the steps and put her in the back of your truck.