Outdoor lifting in Cold Weather

The Future of Gyms

Winter is coming. The virus is still lingering and you need to get your swole on. What can you do? If you don’t like lifting at home or you don’t have the home gear what are your options?

Well why not start a outdoor gym? Sure the elements may be an issue. Sure there is an issue with light. Sure there is an issue of equipment maintenance. But the chances of getting the virus are vastly reduced.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on durable equipment is difficult these days. The demand for home fitness equipment is very high. Prices for workout gear are through the roof. So what is one to do?

Well make your own stuff. That could be a viable alternative. One of the best gyms I ever belonged to was a gym that run by a welder. He would make the most sophisticated workout machines by just looking at a picture of it.

Maybe making your gear out of wood? I would suggested the wood used be pressure treated. You just need some sturdy stainless steal screws and you are in business.

Currently I workout outside at the beach. The conditions can be brutal or it can be like working out in paradise. The major issue for me is rust. The water and salt air are just brutal on any metal and it maybe time for me to go with wood.