Be like Batman with the Heart of Frodo

The times we live in are very tenuous. The age of potential despair has arrive. Hope is starting to become a fleeting concept because of the overwhelming feel of malaise and despair. What can one do to survive and flourish in the times of plague, low prospects with pending economic doom. What can one do?

If you reach into lore or literature, who are those individuals that may be a source of inspiration. Well th first individual is Frodo Baggins.

Frodo is chosen because he stayed true to the cause. He fought the urge of the ultimate shinny object. He had a mission to rid the source of the ultimate evil in the world and that was the “One Ring”. The ring that rules all magic rings. On the way to vacation a few fun days at a volcano in a place called Mordor to drop off the ring If you saw the movies, he had a few adventures on the way to achieve this goal. He was tempted by ring to keep it for himself but he did not. He denied the lure and power of ring. He was able to rid the world of the ring with help of his tour guide Gollum.

The important thing to know about Frodo is that he was able to remain true to his heart. He had the ability to do his mission no matter the suffering he had to endure. It was a task completed that maybe no one else could have done. This is ability that we all still summon to be able to flourish in the times we are facing.

Then we have the cape crusader. I am not referring to the Batman from my joyful youth played by Adam West. I am referring to the version portrayed in the Dark Night version. There is nothing really comical in times we face. We need to summon our intelligence and adopt a level of fitness to be prepare for anything.

Not your 60’s Batman.

Of all of the Super Heroes literature has to offer, Batman is truly the one a normal human could in theory emulate. You should strive to be more intelligent, to be more fit along with to knowledge on what events to be prepared for.

In closing, having the heart of Frodo would help us be resolute throughout the events we will probably be facing. Having the intelligence and fitness of the Dark Night might provides us the wherewithal to survive.

Here is a Batman workout.